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Okay, so I don't know whether it is a livejournal mistake or what. But for some reason I am banned from 100x100elite  . I just posted over there on the 30th but now I can't even comment...ANYWHERE .

I tried re-applying and explaining what is up, but it won't let me.

So, if anyone knows any of the mods or if any of the mods look at my icon journal, if they could tell me what is up. Because I wasn't notified or anything. I was just banned. And I would like to make a post about the request batch.

I hope I didn't do anything bad, I don't think I did. 

Okay, so thanks :) 

Requests: Part Un

This is going to be a multi-post request batch because HOT DAMN, you people posted a shit ton of pictures!

They are in no way in some sort of order, you will just have to roll the die and hope yours is in the bunch! Ha, so you might have one in today's batch, and then two more in the next one. I am a MAVERICK, and you can't tame me.

If you look at the image url, you will see the username of the person who requested, ENJOY!

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